Redclays Capital, a private equity fund management and venture capital group, domiciled in Cayman Islands

Our Investment approach involves:

Identifying a promising, highly reliable, bankable and a robust company, with a dynamic management team at the helm, that is passionate about growing big.

Availability of cash on demand and transparent exit routes, that help realize the stipulated investment objectives and ROI in as less time as is possible. During the exit phase, the investment manager consults with all the shareholders and initiates and manages the closing stage of the participation. It could be managed either through a strategic transaction like an IPO or a buy-out by another interested investor.

Our team is able to lead these delicate partnerships into compelling successful stories in various phases of the investment. Our vast network and reach of corporate, business leaders and market participants provides us with quality deals and enables us to conclude investments in a highly competitive environment


At Redclays we offer stage independent funding solutions to emerging Indian Businesses, focused on buyouts, venture capital, growth capital and Infrastructure.

Redclays Capital is a Private Equity and Venture Capital group that invests in early stage to expansion companies. Redclays Capital invests in unflappable entrepreneurial spirit, which mirrors a strong potential to grow exponentially, both in revenues and profits.

Redclays Capital a fast emerging venture capital firm founded with a vision to empower entrepreneurs across Industries to build and innovate. The most significant advantage is the strength of its experience in the industries that it invests in. Redclays Capital only engages in industry sectors wherein its team has intimate knowledge and extensive experience.

We proactively focus our efforts within the most promising companies independent of stage of business maturity and bring more than funding to the table. Our insight into market dynamics, competitive intelligence, and defining long-term growth strategies all come well endorsed .We blend the investment approach and ability of a totally self-determining Private Equity firm with unique access to vast geographic and industry resources